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Ulbrich specializes in tailoring Nitinol for medical braid products and medical implantable devices.

Nitinol Product Applicationslpls系列比赛数据,lplS10半决赛直播,英雄联盟外围投注网站

  • Braided shafts
  • Braided catheters
  • Micro-catheters
  • EP catheters
  • Vascular catheters
  • Orthodontic arc wire
  • Guide wires
  • Implants
  • Springs and needles
  • Stylets
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To better serve our customers’ increasing requirements we have developed a fine wire stocking program, with product shipping within 24 hours of order acknowledgement. The ability to obtain a variety of round and flat wire quickly allows deadlines to be met while incorporating all the design performance characteristics required of your project.

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Precision Winding and Shaping of All Wire Productslpls系列比赛数据,lplS10半决赛直播,英雄联盟外围投注网站

We offer precision winding of a variety of round, flat and shaped wire products. Our “focus factory” (factory within a factory) dedicates managers and engineers along with state of the art equipment to produce and manage industry specific requirements. Ulbrich’s technical support staff also assists with any customer to provide the needed application specific guidance.


Experience Consistency and Increased Performancelpls系列比赛数据,lplS10半决赛直播,英雄联盟外围投注网站

The expansion of our in-house drawing and plating capabilities has led to industry expertise in bare and plated mandrels and stylets for medical applications. Focusing on SPC and Bare Precision Copper Mandrel Materials, Ulbrich’s metallurgical prowess allows us to offer multiple custom tempers and finishes in quantities ranging from small R&D lots up to full production runs.

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