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Slitting & Edging Capabilitieslpls系列比赛数据,lplS10半决赛直播,英雄联盟外围投注网站

Ulbrich can separate a wide strip into narrower cuts with the least amount of edge burr.


The Slitting Processlpls系列比赛数据,lplS10半决赛直播,英雄联盟外围投注网站

Slitting can serve as both the initial and final operation in the conversion process at Ulbrich. All of the slitters are similar in concept and operation, but vary greatly in size. Our larger machines are dedicated to slitting the heavy gauge incoming coils up to 54″ wide to mults used for re-rolling. At the other end of the process, slitting is used to separate a material at finish gauge and temper into the width ordered by the customer. Apart from width: edge condition, coil support, coil inner diameter, coil size, interleaf and accumulation method are all characteristics of the final product that are realized during final slitting. Our operators will make adjustments to the clearance as they are preparing to slit in order to minimize the burr as much as possible. Once a coil is slit to final width it can be packaged and delivered to the customer.


By Material

View detailed material specifications for the 160+ alloys that Ulbrich supports in strip and wire products.

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Rolled Strip & Slit Coillpls系列比赛数据,lplS10半决赛直播,英雄联盟外围投注网站

SLITTING CAPABILITIESlpls系列比赛数据,lplS10半决赛直播,英雄联盟外围投注网站

Precision Rolled Strip Coil Size Rangeslpls系列比赛数据,lplS10半决赛直播,英雄联盟外围投注网站

Width Range: .020″ – 14″ (0.508mm – 356mm)

Width Tolerance (Standard): +/- .005″ (+/-0.127mm)

Service Center Slit Coil Size Rangeslpls系列比赛数据,lplS10半决赛直播,英雄联盟外围投注网站

Width Range: .065″ – 52″ (0.8128mm – 1320mm)

Width Tolerance: +/- .005″ (+/-0.127mm)

Coil Winding Capabilitieslpls系列比赛数据,lplS10半决赛直播,英雄联盟外围投注网站

View Our Coil Winding Capabilities and Spool Options



A.I.S.I. No. 1 Round Edge

Width 1.500″ inches max (38mm max)

Thickness .007″ – .062″ (0.1778mm – 1.575mm)


A.I.S.I No. 3 – Slit Edge

Width: .020″ min (0.5mm min)

Thickness: .062″ – .125″ (0.158mm – 3.175mm)


A.I.S.I No. 5 Square Edge

Width: 2.250″ max (57mm max)

Thickness: .004″ – .062″ (0.102 – 1.575mm)

Broken Corner is also available (no image)

Width: 3.50″ max (89mm max)

Thickness: .062″ – .125″ (0.158mm – 3.175mm)

Rolled Strip Size Rangeslpls系列比赛数据,lplS10半决赛直播,英雄联盟外围投注网站

View our Rolling Tolerances


View our Annealing Capabilities

Grades & Alloyslpls系列比赛数据,lplS10半决赛直播,英雄联盟外围投注网站

View our Metal Grades & Alloys


View our Testing Capabilities


View our Certifications


WIRE CAPABILITIESlpls系列比赛数据,lplS10半决赛直播,英雄联盟外围投注网站

Shaped Wire (Profiles, Screen Wire and Custom Shapes)lpls系列比赛数据,lplS10半决赛直播,英雄联盟外围投注网站

Width Range: .020″ – 1.50″ (0.508mm – 38.1mm)

Flat Wirelpls系列比赛数据,lplS10半决赛直播,英雄联盟外围投注网站

Width Range: .002″ – 1.500″ (0.051mm -38.1mm)

Square Wirelpls系列比赛数据,lplS10半决赛直播,英雄联盟外围投注网站

Width Range: .030″ – .250 (0.762mm – 6.35mm)

Round Wirelpls系列比赛数据,lplS10半决赛直播,英雄联盟外围投注网站

Diameter Range: .00075″ – .400″ (0.019mm – 10.16mm)

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