Silver Plated Copper Clad Materials for Microwave Cableslpls系列比赛数据,lplS10半决赛直播,英雄联盟外围投注网站

Ulbrich is committed to delivering high precision products for RF and Microwave cable manufacturers. Silver plated and copper cladded materials preserve electrical properties while delivering weight savings and increased tensile strength for your critical applications. Our commitment to quality means that Ulbrich is the best choice to deliver the quality & precision Silver Plated Copper Clad Materials for Center Conductor and Braid applications your company expects.

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Save Weight & Preserve Electrical Properties

Spcca Rolled Edge Plating

Ulbrich Lite SPCCA is a lighter alternative to pure copper with a weight savings of over 50% while retaining desirable electrical properties. This material is ideal for RF Cables and Microwave Cable Center Conductors for aerospace, military, satellite and other weight conscious applications.

Spcca Weight Graph

Copper Clad Aluminum Vs. Pure Copper Wirelpls系列比赛数据,lplS10半决赛直播,英雄联盟外围投注网站

To demonstrate the weight saving potential, this graph shows the difference in weight between a pure copper round wire and that same length and size wire made of copper clad aluminum. Based on your needs, RF and Microwave Cables can be manufactured into both round and flat sizes comparable to other copper products.

Download our SPCCA & SPCCS Datasheet
Spccs Tensile Table

We Offer Silver Plated Copper Clad Steel For Added Tensile Strengthlpls系列比赛数据,lplS10半决赛直播,英雄联盟外围投注网站

Silver Plated Copper Clad Steel that Ulbrich is able to roll to precision gauge tolerances has the added benefit of bi-metal construction to meet the demands of high strength applications. SPCCS (C1022) has more than double (>100%) the tensile strength of pure copper while retaining desirable electrical properties. Our Bi-Metal Silver Plated Wire Materials can be manufactured into both round and flat sizes comparable to other copper products.

Available Sizes

Diameter: 0.004” to 0.040”

Thickness: 0.001” to 0.010”

Width: 0.010” to 0.030”

Spccs Tensile Strength Graph

Stronger Materials for your demanding Microwave Cable Applicationslpls系列比赛数据,lplS10半决赛直播,英雄联盟外围投注网站

This material is ideal for Microwave Cable applications where a stronger material is needed without the increase costs of some of the other “high-strength” copper alloys. Take a look at the graph in our capabilities datasheet showing the difference in tensile strength between pure copper, copper clad steel and high strength copper alloy round wires. Our SPCCM capabilities echoes our commitment to being the leading edge in conductor engineering; Ulbrich is your development partner who can customize our support to your specific needs.

High flex high strength charts

High-Flex and High Strength RoHS Alloys for Microwave Cable Center Conductorslpls系列比赛数据,lplS10半决赛直播,英雄联盟外围投注网站

Ulbrich is committed to delivering high precision products, now with alternate copper alloys that can provide improved flex life and material strength.These materials are well suited for flat or round braid applications where ahigh-flex life is needed.

Flex Life and Strength: The addition of alloying agents can help improve the overall strength and flex life when compared to the base copper (C102) materials with a minimal loss of conductivity.

Download the High-Flex & High Strength Capability Sheet

Comparison data of measured alloy flex life and tensile strengthlpls系列比赛数据,lplS10半决赛直播,英雄联盟外围投注网站

PropertyBase Copper Annealed TemperBase Copper Hard TemperUlbrich High-Flex AlloyUlbrich High Strength Alloy
Flex Life (# of bends)
Tensile Strength (psi)
Yield Strength (psi)
Elongation (%)
Conductivity (IACS%)

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Talk to a specialist today about wrap, braid and center conductor materials for your RF and Microwave Cable manufacturing needs!

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